In New Zealand, we have a large consumer brand in all major retail outlets called Gift Station. After undertaking some Market Research we found that our stands were looking a bit tired and were overwhelming the customer because of how many different choices there were on the stand. Sales were growing, but slowly so we wanted to refresh our brand look and tone to maximize sales in stores, attract some new customers and generate more spontaneous purchases.

By completely refreshing our brand look, tone and our marketing/merchandising strategy we have now achieved a super slick, clean and attractive looking display in stores. Buying gifts is a very personal and emotional experience, and we found that people are more likely to buy a gift if they feel good and proud of the purchase. Giving our customers a feel-good experience with our displays in-store has allowed us to achieve our best gift card sales result despite the challenges through 2020.

Solutions epay implemented

Implemented a new brand look and tone.

To reflect gifting and show how good it feels to give.

New merchandising strategies.

Focusing on only displaying key content, categorisation and colour blocking.

Changed key brand message and all communications.

Changed to a more thoughtful and emotional tone, changing customers perspectives on giving gift cards.


Uplift on sales (2020 vs. 2019)


Uplift on in-store gift card sales (2020 vs. 2019)


Increase in volume of cards sold (2020 vs. 2019)

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