Digital Channel Solutions

A deep knowledge of digital channels combined with an agile and aggressive commercial strategy makes epay the leader of digital codes distribution in Brazil: 80% of the largest online banks and e-wallets in the Brazilian market are part of the epay ecosystem.

Digital Code Solutions

epay is the best option for distributing prepaid digital codes. Its robust and reliable technology and infrastructure, combined with an exclusive digital distribution chain, allows any branded content to become digital.

Digital Mobile Top Up Solutions

epay developed in Brazil the first 100% online top up access experience through a fully digital sales channel: the consumer’s mobile phone.

Digital Marketing & Strategy Solutions

epay has acquired a deep knowledge of digital channel management, understanding the requirements of the digital strategy and providing technical and market support for brands and retailers.

A full digital environment

A full digital environment in 2018, epay Brazil anticipated a market trend and bet on it.

Observing the growth of digital payment methods and online banks in the Brazilian market, allowed epay to grow their presence in a segment still shy in Brazil: mobile top up in a fully digital environment, without depending on terminals in physical stores. epay relied on the strength of online banking, understanding its digital strategy and providing the top-up service to its customer base.

Predictive capability

A deep knowledge of the digital channel combined with an agile and aggressive commercial strategy.

epay has invested in the sale of prepaid digital codes in e-wallets and online banks since 2018. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend that epay had anticipated: online entertainment, food delivery, transportation and top-up, all available to consumers on their mobile phones. A joint effort by epay and iFood provided the rapid expansion of the delivery food App in the prepaid digital segment. In addition to operational activities, epay has given decisive support to iFood’s marketing team in digital campaigns to increase its performance. As a result, in the first six months of iFood’s operation in 2020, the brand achieved 380% growth in transactions.

A teamwork to success

epay’s strategy of working strongly with digital wallets and online banks as digital channel partners since 2018 has enabled it to capture large volumes of sales for this new channel.

The “stay-at-home” movement due to the COVID-19 pandemic made people look for digital entertainment, as well as on-demand service applications, from food delivery to transportation without risk of crowding. Thanks to epay’s unique vision, the prepaid digital codes were available to PicPay consumers to meet their demand immediately during the lockdown.

Online Banking

A seamless path to success

The totally digital experience growth of “Mobile Top Up”

With a refined business vision, in 2019, epay Brazil put in place a series of efforts focused on being part of the Brazilian digital transformation.

One of the valuable initiatives was the partnership with the largest internet banks institutions in the Brazilian market offering to online banking customers the first 100% online Top Up access experience.

The Brazilian online banking created a new generation of financial services in Latin America, bringing the digital revolution to the financial services sector in Brazil.

The incredible development of the digital banking market in Brazil joined the infrastructure of epay Brazil to create a truly digital Top Up Sales Channel with three-digit growth every month in 2020.


iFood: A new spark of growth

The best channel for the best food delivery platform

Brazil-based iFood is one of the leading food delivery apps in Latin America with a presence also in Colombia. It has over 230,000 registered restaurants and 153,000 couriers registered on the platform, processing 30.6 million delivery transactions each month.

iFood launched the digital iFood Card for B2C in first place in May 2020 through the partnership with epay – the product was only available for companies before.

At that special time, in particular, iFood enables people using food as a way to generate connections, even at a distance.

The success was immediate. Thanks to the epay robust infrastructure and digital distribution chain, the iFood digital code performed a double-digit growth in both the number of transactions and face values every month of 2020. At the end of 6 months iFood reached the third position in sales in the epay’s Brazil portfolio.

PicPay – The Perfect Storm

Digital Codes & Wallets

Digital codes boosted by digital wallets in Brazil

PicPay is the largest digital wallet in Brazil, with 47 million users. It was also the first partner of epay Brazil in the pioneering advance of creating a new digital code sales channel in the Brazilian market.

A country where a large part of the population does not have access to the banking system, PicPay has become the largest digital payment app. In 2019 PicPay accepted the challenge of being the first epay’s digital wallet partner, which brought to the app the opportunity to provide its customers with access to digital codes and top up through mobile devices.

Consumer behaviour turned even more towards online entertainment, generating a rapid growth in the volumes of digital code transactions on the PicPay platform during 2020.


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