Physical & Digital Gift Cards

epay is connected to global content providers, and supplies these Gift Cards to retailers. epay is at the forefront of the movement from physical to digital.

Online Solutions

epay delivers end-to-end solutions such as gift card processing, dynamic renewal, white-label websites and online DropShip solution.

Payment Solutions

epay oers Merchant Acquiring, Card Payment services and bill pay.

Alternative Payment Solutions

epay specialises in alternative methods to payment as customers needs constantly evolve, this includes QR code and in-app barcode payments.

Couponing & Promotions

epay provides a solution which automates coupon processing for retailers, allowing real-time redemption at PoS.

Mobile Top Up & Contracts

epay is an experienced provider of pay as you go for all major MNO & MVNO networks as well as oering a full range of international top up. In addition epay oer a SIMo and eSIM solution for retailers to sign up consumers to contracts.

Physical Gift Cards POSA

epay has implemented multiple gift card units in major supemarkets and chain stores.

In 2020, Circle K and Payzone Ireland selected epay as their exclusive supplier of Gift Cards. epay have an all-in-one API integration which enables seamless gift card activation and transaction through the till system. In 2021 epay will be growing this further with the addition of Dixons and Lidl.

Pin on Receipt Digital Gift Cards

At the forefront of innovation, epay has developed the technology to enable a Pin On Receipt Gift Card or top up to be sent digitally via our own platform.

epay handles the entire digital solution. This includes creation of an entitlement code, management of the platform and delivery of a personalised email via epay’s DropShip service.

Online B2C & B2B

epay supports the supply of Gift Cards to online retailers B2C & B2B.

Through the partnership between epay and it’s global and local content providers, epay are able to supply a full range of gift cards online through both B2C & B2B formats. One example being the Just Eat gift card website epay built as well as the processing of the card and sales in
the channel.
In addition epay supply content for many global apps such as PayPal, Revolut and famehype to mention but a few. epay hosts its own portal for recurring B2B orders where partners can access and download bulk codes in real time.

Gift Card processing

End-to-end creation and processing of gifts such as Just Eat Gift, Gift Choice, WEVU and the HTA.

Example Just Eat: epay manage the code creation, print and delivery of the Physical and Digital Just Eat Gift Cards on the supply side. Whilst for transaction and redemption, epay host and process vouchers.

Dynamic Renewal / recurring billing

Consumer can opt in to the future automatic renewal of a subscription purchase.

Example Dixons: When a consumer purchases a Microsoft Oce 365 subscription from a retailer, they are given the details of how to opt-in to the automatic renewal of that subscription when it is due to lapse. In collaboration with the brand, epay can instigate the future automatic renewal creating a downstream revenue share for epay and the retailer.

White-Label Websites

epay can develop websites for partners to sell Gift Cards online.

This solution allows partners to design the website according to their branding. epay host and process all activities which go through the website.

Online drop ship solution

epay can develop websites for partners to sell Gift Cards online.

Example Argos: epay has integrated with basket to supply
digital codes via email to a Consumer purchasing online.

Card Payment

Debit/Credit Card transactions including Contactless payments in-store.

epay processes payment transactions and handles authentication with the customer’s bank automatically securely, and in real-time via a terminal solution.

Bill Pay

Smart Pay As You Go Transaction Services for energy providers.

epay provide Smart Meter PAYG services to E.ON, via a live network of circa 14,000 outlets, oering E.ON customers convenience and ease of paying their energy bills in cash at their local retailer.

Alternative Payment Solutions

QR Codes

epay enables payment with the Alipay app

Cash, card or Alipay?

epay provides retailers with the ability to accept these payment forms. Alipay is quick, easy and popular with Chinese tourists and business travellers, as well as with Chinese residents who live away from home.




How epay’s real-time validation solution can help retailers?

Retailers who accept coupons can miss out on up to 12% of their claims and reimbursement through fraud, mis-redemption and manual errors.

As epay’s solution is automated, it checks the coupon rules and basket at the time of transaction
thereby reducing error and eliminating fraud. epay has the ability to do this for over 97% of national manufacturer and newspaper coupons in the market.


epay’s own promotions portal allows retailers and brands to create their own offers and campaigns.

A quick and easy 3-step process for retailers and brands to create unique coupons for their campaigns.

The campaign creator can select their distribution method from multiple options, including social media, email and print. Campaigns can be scheduled in advance to be sent out and rules can be added such as spend limits, location and max no. of claims, redemptions.
Alongside hosting the portal, epay creates the codes to the value and selected, delivers these via the selected methods, and has the engine to redeem and validate these coupons.



UK Domestic Top Up

epay offers a complete range of MNO’s and MVNO networks in the UK

Working with all major supermarkets and high street chains in the UK epay oers MTU to circa 30,000 outlets (including Tesco, Sainsburys, Argos and Dixons) through several formats such as E voucher, ETU cards, digital and MSISDN top up.

International Top Up

epay offers a global range of top up

Covering 30+ countries and 550+ networks this service is available in real time via MSISDN top up.


Introducing a new service to retailers enabling the sale of contracts for SIMo & eSIM

Leveraging epay’s QR code POS a consumer can scan, select their network, select a tariff, enter their details, complete a KYC request in real time and sign up. This is all completed with no integration to
the retailers EPOS system.

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