Pre-paid solutions

Including pre-paid vouchers, mobile and giftcards.
With varying pre-paid options offered, flexibility and full cost control is ensured.

Point of Sale (POS)

POS terminals and Web POS
epay has over 7,000 POS terminals and is the only platform where a wide range of POS brands work, and now with Web POS all epay based products types are supported.

Cash Integration
epay has developed the epay integration module (IM) to easily connect payment terminals to the checkout. Enabling smooth integration of all common payment terminal.

Category Management

A category leader.
epay provide you with holistic support, along with supply of POS materials taking care of logistics, fulfillment and promotion.

Pre-paid Vouchers

The revenue booster with local and global brands

Offer your customers full cost control and easy payment processing, whether with voucher, gift or prepaid cards such as Focus SAT, Sony Playstation, Blizzard, Wargaming, emag and much more from different categories including:

Lifestyle & Shopping, Gaming & Social Network, Music & Entertainment, Software, Prepaid Mobile, Prepaid credit card and Sports & Events

We offer our commerce partners access to the industry’s most extensive assortment of gift and credit cards.

Pre-paid Mobile

No subscription, full cost control.

epay is the technological partner of all the main mobile operators like around the world.

Maximum flexibility without contractual commitment with full cost control ensures the popularity of prepaid telephony.We offer retail partners almost the entire portfolio of Romanian mobile prepaid products – from SIM cards to top-up credit for Vodafone, Orange, Telecom, Lyca, Benefito with distribution of phone credit and prepaid SIM of all network providers, 100% availability through on-demand retrieval, no acceptance obligation and a choice of all providers and recharge amounts.

Pre-paid Giftcards

Marketing tool for your business

With epay’s own closed loop solution, you can issue your own voucher card as a classic voucher card or as digital variants as well as customer and bonus cards to customers via your stationary point of sales or your web store, thereby achieving greater customer loyalty and incremental sales.

epay is able to manage every phase of the gift card process: from production to commercial distribution (both on its own networks and on third-party networks), to activation at the cash desk and spending.

The complete program is individually designed and can be sold and topped up immediately in your store (fixed or variable amounts) or order online and personalise in your online store.

POS Terminals

One of the most common ways to sell prepaid products.

With more than 7,000 POS terminals enrolled, which have applications developed in the ISO 8583 system, ePay is the only platform where a wide range of POS brands works.

These include the INGENICO 5100, ICT220, T 800, VERIFONE 510, KEYPAY or CYBERNET Jade Advantage types.

Through these POS terminals, it can be sold any pin product, from stock or pin on demand, as well as transactions with direct recharge.

The advantage of using these POS Terminals is the easy way of operation as well as the degree of security offered by the standard used.

Web POS:

Transform normal terminal use into a web-based application.

Inspire not only your employees, but also customers.

WebPOS can be used with normal desktop, tablet and POS cash register inserts and facilitates the sale of epay products.


  • Support for all epay based product types, including bill pay
  • Any new product that requires complex logic in its sales process will result in user interface customization
  • Browser-based POS system, whether you manage one or a thousand stores
  • No high cost of operating systems or third-party packages
  • Up-to-date with a growing supply of gambling and mobile products with high demand
  • Transaction history provides visibility of real-time transactions

Cash Integration

Universal cash register integration with additional functions

Payment traffic is in a state of flux. The integration of terminals into the POS system is becoming increasingly complex due to different protocols, constantly growing requirements, market conditions and different hardware components.

That’s why epay has developed the epay integration module (IM) to easily connect payment terminals to the checkout. The epay IM acts as a universal checkout interface that enables smooth integration of all common payment terminals without having to integrate each of them individually.

With the epay IM, we enable you to accept current as well as new alternative payments at the POS with just one interface and to react to trends quickly and easily. Many other services are available to you via the epay IM, including: Gift, loyalty and bonus cards based on barcode and magnetic stripe methods and also voucher and credit cards.

The epay IM is available as a client (Windows, DLL, …) for the POS and as a web.

Benefits include; Plug & Play Integration, cost and time savings, comprehensive API documentation, simple starter kit for smooth integration, supports all common POS terminals and card payment functions, value-added services (VAS) such as mobile top-up, gift cards and APM (e.g. Alipay & WeChat Pay) can be processed, VAS possible even if POS terminal does not support it or is not available and continuous maintenance and optimisation of the interface.

Category Management

A category leader

As a category leader, we implement gift and prepaid cards together with you and place them or your existing cards in the largest retail chains, both at the point-of-sale, online and in connected stores.

We provide you with holistic support: As a category and brand consultant, we achieve maximum attention for your gift and prepaid cards through optimal placement and targeted communication as well as advertising.

We supply display and POS materials and take care of logistics, fulfillment and promotion.

With our dedicated and experienced merchandising team, we offer the customer POS optimization and training directly on site. We place products & advertising materials in an attention-grabbing way and thus achieve a sales boost for you.

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