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Operating in: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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Domestic Prepaid Card Issuance and Card Management Platform

Empowered with an in-house issuer license, payment switch and card issuance technology stack.

Euronet Services India Pct Ltd is Licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as non-Bank Prepaid Instrument (PPI) issuer for issuance of domestic PPIs in India including Gift PPI, Small PPI, and Full KYC PPIs. We already empower FinTechs, banks, and businesses with custom card issuance and management platform, and now epay is also capable of PPI issuance or powering any kind of prepaid card/wallet requirement of businesses including Co-branding PPIs (subject to Network and RBI approval).

New Zealand


Digital & Virtual prepaid gifting

The perfect gift just got better.

Launching Prezzy Virtual in New Zealand – this card will provide customers with the flexibility to choose products and services from worldwide websites and mobile apps. By adding virtual to our current Prezzy Card portfolio, we are eliminating the need for printing, packaging, and shipping, reducing both your environmental footprint and operational costs. It is going to be a game changer to bulk corporate gifting as well.


Gift Station rebrand

Keeping up with changing consumers.

By completely refreshing our brand look, tone and our marketing/merchandising strategy we have now achieved a clean and attractive looking display in stores. Buying gifts is a very personal and emotional experience, and we found that people are more likely to buy a gift if they feel good and proud of the purchase. Giving our customers a feel-good experience with our displays in-store has allowed us to achieve our best gift card sales results.



Successful implementation of digital
gift card delivery for BP Australia

Enhancing customer experience and revenue growth through epay's innovative solution.

This case study highlights the seamless integration of epay’s digital gift card solution for BP Australia. Leveraging the Euronet Cloud Technology and existing resources, epay successfully merged physical and digital platforms.

This approach resulted in increased revenue, heightened customer satisfaction, and widespread adoption of BP’s digital gift cards. With channels spanning online, in-store, and B2B partnerships, customers can now conveniently purchase and check balances via mobile. Customizable designs align with BP branding, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

The partnership between epay and BP Australia has not only revitalized the gift card program but also led to further product expansions, driving remarkable year-on-year growth in a once slow moving space.


Changing retail payments in Australia

epay Australia and Alipay+ partnership unlocks new payment horizons.

epay Australia has partnered with Alipay+ to introduce cross-border mobile payment and marketing solutions to Australian merchants. This collaboration will empower over 8,000 epay retailers, including the David Jones luxury department store, to accept payments from some of Asia’s most popular e-wallets. Through this integration, merchants in the region will gain access to an expansive network of over one billion consumers in Asia.

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