Multi-channel distribution

for retailers

For Brands and Retailers:

We work with 1000+ content partners and over 350k retail locations.

Platforms For All Commerce

Our software and APIs provide a wide range of opportunities to make transactions safely and securely through any sales channels your business requires, whether online, on mobile devices and apps, in-store with cash registers, terminals and kiosks, or using our proprietary PoS software.


Serve customers through integrated PoS connectivity and store merchandizing.

Through epay’s physical retail solutions, retailers can widen their product offerings by selling a variety of products, brands, and solutions, as well as receiving full marketing and merchandising support.


Create value for online
commerce businesses.

With industry-leading assortment of digital prepaid content, we can provide the right mix of content to meet your unique consumer demand. Our support team and account management services empower you to offer your consumers compelling selections and promotions.


Our app and wallet integrations.

Connect to epay’s API and offer your customers a wide selection of digital prepaid content in your app or wallet.


Corporate and business solutions.

Our products and services suit multiple styles of business requirements whether it be for loyalty schemes, wholesale, bulk purchase, or corporate incentives.

Solutions to enhance the retail experiences

Build residual revenue streams by offering your customers subscriptions.

With Renewal, brands and retailers can retain customers for the long term by leveraging epay’s established SaaS infrastructure for subscription-based billing. Take control of the billing lifecycle and keep customers in an active state.

Gain insights into customer purchasing habits and distribution reach.

Brands use Insights to comprehensively understand their product/service distribution across various retail types, enhancing market and distribution reach analysis. For retailers, Insights leads to better data for decision-making by analyzing consumer purchasing habits and comparing offerings to other retail types.

Category Management

Optimize planograms.

Maximize your prepaid category with epay’s tools to optimize selection, space-to-sales, and merchandizing.

Card Production

Card design, production, and logistics.

epay can handle all of the elements of card production, leveraging global procurement to save money versus insourcing.

Primary Display

Capitalize on smaller spaces and promotional activations.

With multiple merchandizing options to further encourage purchase, display new products, and highlight best sellers throughout your store.

Secondary Display

Demand attention with our display stands for large retailers.

Elevate gift card category sales by leveraging seasonal displays and displays near checkout which drive impulse purchases.

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