In-Store Solutions

Technology solutions
for physical retailers

We provide devices and integrations that enable customers to purchase a range of branded products. Additionally, we provide a range of retail management and marketing services, including category management, placement optimization, and trade marketing to support your in-store strategies.


Smooth your business operations with integrated systems.

epay has industry-leading uptime enabling
real-time connectivity for the retailer and the world’s largest brands.

PoS Devices

Multiple device options give retailers choices from the latest terminals.

From compact countertop models to sleek portable devices, epay provides terminals which are designed for efficiency and flexibility.


WebPoS is a proprietary browser-based terminal application.

WebPoS can be used in any browser based connected device including PCs, mobile devices, and tablets, delivering epay’s global catalogue of content to retailers without the need for integrations or a separate PoS device.

Business Inquiries